Industries we serve


Aerospace industry supply chains are increasingly governed by stricter safety regulations, just-in-time processes, reduced repair cycles and after-sales performance commitments.

Consumer Electronics

Every day consumer products industry executives face decisions about how to manage their inventories. The best-performing companies are able to forecast their demand so well that they are able to have their suppliers produce inventory.

Fashion & Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the glamour world of fashion, sports and apparel. Trends change quickly and what’s in vogue today could be completely out of line by tomorrow. In this constantly ebbing and flowing world of lifestyle, a logistical solution needs to stay consistent, embrace challenges.

Medical device and Equipment

With 5 decades of experience serving medical equipment and device manufacturers, we understand your need for safe, secure, on-time shipping of products in perfect condition.


We serve some of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers and distributors. Whether it’s oversized equipment, devices or spare parts, we understand your supply chain and the care required to ship your sensitive, time-critical cargo.